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Spray-Quip offers Graco's full line of ToughTek mortar pumps and mixers to help you complete a wide range of applications including self-leveling underlayments (SLU), stucco, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), fireproofing and more! From continuous mixers to piston or rotor stator pumps, we have the right equipment to help you smoothly finish any mortar or cementitious material application. Each ruggedly constructed ToughTek pump or mixer is designed to help your business reduce costly labor hours and provide a higher quality finish to your projects ultimately saving your business time and money while boosting customer satisfaction. For the most demanding mortar or cementitious material applications professional contractors turn to Graco ToughTek pumps and mixers for durable equipment that can withstand the toughest jobsites for a dependable equipment solution job after job. Boost productivity, profits and customer satisfaction by using ToughTek pumps and mixers. Learn more below or contact us and let our friendly staff assist you in selecting the right equipment for the job!

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Benefits of Pumping Mortar & Cementitious Materials Using ToughTek

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide their customers with cost-effective solutions to remain competitive and increase overall profitability of jobs. Help your customers navigate tighter budgets by providing them with the most cost-effective options for all of their mortar and cementitious material needs to increase overall job satisfaction and bring in more business.

Circumvent the storage and logistical challenges associated with using traditional mortar and cementitious material pumping systems like trailer-mounted pumps by switching to a smaller, lighter pumping system. ToughTek equipment features a smaller footprint and weighs substantially less than other bulky equipment options so your crews can easily load and unload each pump or mixer into the back of a pickup truck. ToughTek pumps and mixers can fit through standard doorways, be lifted by service elevators and rolled from one spot to another on jobsites for a portable solution to tackle any mortar or cementitious material application.

With ToughTek equipment you can double your productivity while keeping the same crew sizes so you can complete more jobs faster. Hand-troweling, mixing and form pouring is labor intensive, time consuming and messy. Easy to set up, clean and maintain, ToughTek equipment runs on virtually any standard power source so you can mix, pump and apply in one central location for a quicker application. Businesses will see their overall productivity increase even with a smaller system due to the simple controls and powerful pumping technology each ToughTek product brings to mortar and cementitious material applications.

With strict workplace safety regulations from insurance and regulatory agencies your business cannot afford to operate under hazardous conditions. Hand-applied methods require strenuous work, like hauling buckets and repetitive lifting, that can result in worker fatigue or injury. Large pumping systems that cannot get close to the jobsite require high pressures to deliver mixed materials further distances, requiring constant pressure monitoring to avoid blockages and blowouts. With ToughTek products your crew can reduce heavy lifting by using large material hoppers and shorter hose lengths to reduce the frequency of heavy lifting and pressure required to deliver material to the jobsite for a safer mortar or cementitious material application. 

Because the comprehensive line of ToughTek equipment can cater to a wide range of mortar and cementitious materials, applications and production levels your business will have more flexibility to switch crews, complete more jobs and bid different types of jobs. From touch up mortar repair to high production fireproofing applications there is a pump, mixer or applicator to help you complete your project!

Each ToughTek mixing pump and continuous mixer has been designed to deliver a higher quality, more consistent mix bag after bag. Simply set the water flow rate on your mortar mixer, break bags of material into the hopper and let your mixer do the rest for an accurate mix ratio every time. These mixers automatically maintain the workability of your material to help you reduce material waste and match flow rates to your crew size for tremendously better results when compared to manual mixing methods.



ToughTek Pumps and Mixers for Every Application


Stucco, EIFS & Exterior Texture

Graco's rugged line of ToughTek piston pumps, rotor stator pumps and continuous mixers offer contractors powerful solutions to their stucco, EIFS and exterior texture application jobs. Built to withstand years of extreme use, these workhorses maximize productivity so your crew can complete the same job in less time. Easy to setup and quick to clean, these texture sprayers flexibly handle everything from smooth to aggregate materials to help you job run smoothly so you can avoid costly downtime. For more consistent results, reduced crew fatigue and higher profits choose ToughTek equipment.

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Self-Leveling Underlayment

Stop manually mixing your batches and hauling heavy buckets around the jobsite by switching to powerfully portable ToughTek pumps and mixers for your SLU applications. ToughTek equipment allows you to avoid scheduling issues, boost productivity and reduce material waste all while yielding a more continuous, higher quality SLU layer time after time. Just set your water flow rate and let the pump do the rest for consistent mixtures and precise placement all day long. Let ToughTek pumps and mixers do the heavy lifting so you can complete more jobs faster using the same crew size for a more efficient SLU solution.

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Designed for use with a wide range of mortar materials, each ToughTek pump and mixer has the flexibility to tackle any sized mortar application from residential jobs to large commercial and industrial projects. These reliable, portable pumps can be easily moved around jobsites and feature heavy duty components to help you avoid downtime so you can keep spraying even the most demanding mortar materials. You'll boost quality standards and profits when you make the switch from using laborious hand-applied methods to using ToughTek pumps and mixers for all of your mortar jobs. With a comprehensive range of sizes and capabilities, there is a ToughTek product to support your business.

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Graco's ToughTek line of cementitious fireproofing pumps easily handle low, medium and high-density SFRMs delivering them with a smooth, steady flow rate for a more reliable, higher quality finish. Easily apply your cementitious materials to columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, floors and more with these portable fireproofing pumps for a quicker and cleaner application each time. These fireproofing pumps feature a smaller footprint yet are powerful enough to tackle anything from small touchups to large-scale factory projects. When the job is critical, rely on Graco's complete line of ToughTek fireproofing pumps to provide you with results you can depend on.

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