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Precision Metering & Dispensing Systems

Spray-Quip is a supplier of precision metering equipment that regulates the adhesive dispensing system for different material applications:

Adhesive Dispensing Applications

  • Epoxy Dispensing
  • Urethane Dispensing
  • Silicone Dispensing
  • Lubricant Grease & Oil Dispensing
  • Manual Dispensing
  • Robotic Dispensing Application
Precision Metering Dispensing Systems


Our expert sales team can assist in determining the equipment needed based on whether your dispensing and metering equipment is for single component displacement meter system for medium to high viscocity mastic material that needs to be dispensed in precise beads, or if you require servo motor driven pump for gasket applications of silicone and urethane materials. We offer Graco, Liquid Control and Nordson brands and SQ OEM Customized Solutions of single and plural component, manual and automatic pumping & metering systems and accessories.

Featured Precision Metering Equipment:

Graco – PrecisionFlo, Precision Dispense, Precision Swirl, Dispensit, PGM, PCF, PR70, HFR, HVR, SmartWare, RIM Cell LT and DL; J. Dedoes – Meter-Rite shot meters.

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