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Reactor Proportioners & System Packages

Reactor Proportioners & System Packages

For over two decades professionals have trusted Graco's industry-leading line of Reactor proportioners to deliver the ultimate plural-component solution for their polyurethane and polyurea application needs. With advanced features that improve productivity and provide a steady spray pattern, Graco consistently delivers next-generation technology coupled with smart controls to bring users unparalleled results. Whether you are looking for an air-driven, electric or hydraulic proportioner, each Reactor model delivers superior performance, control and pin-point accuracy for truly unmatched spray performance. From portable, entry-level models to high-production rigs, Spray-Quip has the right Reactor for your business. With over 150 years of combined coatings and equipment knowledge, you can rely on our experienced staff to help match you to the right proportioner for your application. When you need reliable polyurethane and polyurea application solutions, trust Graco's bestselling line of Reactor proportioners to provide your business with the simple design and innovative technology it needs to produce quality results your customers expect. Contact us to learn more and see why Graco's line of Reactor proportioners are best-in-industry!

Superior Custom Packages for Any Application

Spray-Quip specializes in custom-built polyurethane and polyurea application solutions that are specifically tailored to how you do business. If you are looking for a complete self-contained trailer, intuitive skid package or anything in between you have come to the right place. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design the perfect turnkey solution for your application specifications from the bottom up ensuring no component goes overlooked. We want our customers to feel confident operating their equipment, therefore we also provide comprehensive equipment training with each custom-built package that covers basic operation, startup, maintenance, troubleshooting and more. Purchase with confidence knowing the friendly staff and expert technicians at Spray-Quip will be there for you when you need it most.

  • Bridge Coating
  • Manhole & Sewer Lining
  • Pipeline Coating
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Flooring & Parking Decks
  • Railcar Manufacturing & Repair
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Wastewater Treatment Linings


Entry-level contractors and those completing smaller jobs need dependable, straightforward proportioning systems that can easily handle low- to medium-output applications. The compact, portable design offered by these proportioners make them ideal for smaller applications, field-related jobs and touch-ups. When simple operation and portability are essential, these proportioners are efficient enough to provide users with all the power they need without sacrificing performance.

Spray Foam

  • Reactor E-10
  • Reactor E-20
  • Reactor A-25


  • Reactor E-10hp
  • Reactor E-XP1
  • Reactor A-XP1

Built to tackle mid- to high-output applications, these proportioners have the power and flexibility to complete a broad range of applications from residential insulation to larger commercial and industrial jobs. WIth advanced features that improve equipment life and provide valuable data and system diagnostics, excessive downtime and lengthy troubleshooting are a thing of the past. If you are looking for a proportioner that provides high value and great performance, you can trust Graco's most popular selection of Reactor models to provide your business with new opportunities and increased profits.

Spray Foam

  • Reactor 2 E-30
  • Reactor 2 H-30


  • Reactor 2 E-XP2
  • Reactor 2 H-XP2

For projects that demand the highest output, rely on Graco's most powerful line of hydraulic Reactor proportioners to give your business the power it needs to complete larger commercial and industrial projects. These proportioners increase your daily productivity by providing a dependable system that requires less maintenance and is capable of extremely high duty cycles. Experience uninterrupted performance and increase your bottom line with Graco's toughest proportioners that are the longest life spraying systems inthe industry.

Spray Foam

  • Reactor 2 H-40
  • Reactor 2 H-50


  • Reactor 2 H-XP3

Take Your Business to New Heights

Looking to take total control over your day-to-day operations? Look no further! Graco offers powerful data reporting accessories like Reactor Connect and Reactor InSite that conveniently allow you to monitor your Reactor fleet remotely so you can step away from the jobsite and grow your business. Managing your fleet has never been easier with controls that let you monitor and adjust pressure, temperature, cycle count and more from your smartphone or computer. Additionally, downloadable job reports and daily material usage tracking allows you to bid jobs more confidently ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Control the direction of your business by having critical fleet information at your fingertips!


  • Better Fleet Management & Increased Crew Productivity - Monitor spray data, track productivity, troubleshoot and locate your rig with GPS in real-time
  • Protect Your Equipment & Business - Be able to provide proof-of-job data documenting spray parameters to support your business should issues arise and monitor unauthorized use of your fleet
  • Accurate Bidding & Better Customer Service - Provide customers with detailed job reports and utilize material usage data to bid jobs more accurately

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