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Pavement Marking & Line Striping

Pavement Marking & Line Striping

Spray-Quip offers a wide selection of electric and gas-powered line striping equipment and accessories from trusted brands like Graco and Titan to help you tackle any line striping application. As a lie striper supplier, we understand that the quality of your finished product ultimately depends on your machine therefore we only provide quality line striping equipment that is guaranteed to deliver. Additionally, Spray-Quip offers line striper rentals for smaller, one-time projects and can repair your line striping equipment to help you get back up and running. Contact us and let our experienced staff help you find a line striper that fits your power and budgetary requirements.

Indoor Applications

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Parking Garages
  • Sports Facilities

Outdoor Applications

  • Parking Lots
  • Roads & Intersections
  • Airports
  • Athletic Fields
Graco LineLazer Self-Propelled Line Striping Machine

Which Line Striper is Best for My Project?

Are you applying single- or plural-component materials? Waterborne latex paints, thermoplastics, epoxies and resins require different equipment configurations that you must consider when selecting a line striper. Glass bead dispensing will also place more demands on your line striper. No matter your material requirements, Spray-Quip, a pavement marking distributor, has the line striping equipment you need!

The scale and complexity of your typical project will determine the power requirements necessary for your line striper. While standard line striping machines can easily handle high-production re-striping projects, projects that have complex layouts or more detailed pattern work will benefit from a tougher, more robust machine. Make sure your line striper can meet the demands of your project!

Depending on your application, you may need a one- or two-gun setup. Simple parking lot projects can usually be tackled with a single gun, while other applications that require wide lines, double lines or many colors generally require a multi-gun setup. If you are doing a variety of lines, you may want a machine with push-button controls to help you seamlessly change between striping modes. Whether you are doing skip lines, parking lots, airports or anything in between Spray-Quip can match you to the perfect line striping machine!

Additional options and accessories can be added to your line striping equipment to help minimize operator fatigue, increase striping accuracy and overall productivity. From options like self-propelled or riding stripers, laser outline systems or spray tips we have the accessories you need to help you get the job done faster, ultimately saving you time and money!

Your application environment may make an electric-powered or gas-powered line striper a more appealing option. Electric engines eliminate harmful fumes and are less noisy, making them ideal for indoor striping applications. Gas engines can be utilized for more robust projects due to their power, making them ideal for large-scale outdoor striping applications. Additionally, you may need a versatile line striper that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Make sure your line striper is the most cost-effective option for your applications!

Graco LineLazer & ThermoLazer

Since 1990, professional contractors have relied on Graco to provide high quality line striping solutions to boost their productivity and increase profits. When you purchase a Graco line striper you are guaranteed to have a machine with proven quality, maximum performance and an industry-leading warranty. Graco constantly strives to meet and exceed contractor expectations through innovations that make line striping easier, faster and more comfortable. With an array of electric and gas-powered line striping equipment, like their LineLazer and ThermoLazer product lines, Graco caters to contractors' job requirements so you know you have exactly what you need. Choose Graco line striping equipment and invest in the best!


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Titan PowrLiner & LazyLiner

As an industry-leading manufacturer of gas-powered line striping equipment, Titan believes that your equipment is only as reliable as the people that make it. This is why Titan line stripers feature exceptional quality and carry extensive warrranties, ensuring less downtime and maintenance costs for the lifetime of your machine. Titan PowrLiner and LazyLiner line stripers are perfect for experienced and entry-level contractors alike, delivering precise, crisp lines every time. When contractors need a line striper that is easy to use and can handle long-term, heavy-duty use they turn to Titan for engineered products that perform!


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