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LineLazer Line Stripers

LineLazer Line Stripers

Spray-Quip offers Graco's full line of electric and gas-powered LineLazer line striping machines to help you tackle any striping application. Since 1990, Graco has designed and built the highest quality line striping equipment that professional contractors prefer for their durability, high performance and quality results. Each Graco LineLazer product can be configured to provide you with the ultimate power, efficiency and comfort for your specific application, meaning you get exactly what you need and nothing you don't. With so many options available, you are guaranteed to find the right line striping equipment at Spray-Quip. Contact us to learn more and find out which configuration is best for your project!


Not Sure Which Line Striper is Best?

Let our experienced staff help you find the right line striping machine. Whether you are an entry-level contractor looking for a versatile line striper to grow alongside your business or an experienced striper that needs a powerful system that can meet the demands of high-production applications, we are here to offer valuable insight and information to help make your decision easier. Contact us and let Spray-Quip take the guesswork out of investing in the perfect line striping machine!

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Having Issues With Your Line Striper?

Spray-Quip is an authorized service center with skilled technicians that can diagnose and promptly repair your line striping equipment. Simply drop off your line striping machine and we will handle the rest. We also sell and stock common repair parts so you can minimize downtime and get back to striping quickly. Need a backup line striper? We have those too. Contact us to learn more about our line striper rentals!

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The LineLazer ES Series of electrically powered line stripers have been designed to provide users with maximum comfort without compromising on quality or output. Because these line stripers are fume-free and create less noise and vibrations than typical gas-powered line stripers they not only minimize user fatigue but are safe for indoor applications of any size. The powerful, maintenance-free batteries can provide up to 60 gallons of spray time on a single, full charge to keep you running and help you finish the job without fuss. Becasue Graco was first to bring battery-powered line stripers to market, you can rest assured knowing you are purchasing a workhorse that is engineered to perform reliably, year after year.

Key Features

  • Fume-free, noise-free, vibration-free
  • Single- and dual-battery options for up to 60 gallons of spraying per full charge
  • Simple, plug-in charging with 120V onboard charger that permits stationary applications
  • Powerful enough for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Single and dual gun capabilities
  • LineDriver ES attachment available to convert to a ride-on system for all day comfort
  • Available in Standard and HP Automatic Series
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The LineLazer Series of gas/hydraulic powered line stripers come in numerous configurations, guaranteeing accurate striping and appropriate power for any application. Whether you are needing a multi-gun setup, working with multiple colors or dispensing reflective beads there are configurations and accessories available to make your striping more efficient, ultimately saving you valuable labor hours and increasing profitability. High-production features allow users to perform more advanced striping jobs while remaining extremely user-friendly and allowing for one-person striping. Overall, the versatility of Graco's LineLazer Series of line stripers allow stripers of all experiences to grow their business with options available for every striping application.

Key Features

  • More options available for higher-production, more advanced striping applications
  • Single and multi-gun capabilities on most models, with some permitting up to 6 guns
  • Walk-behind and self-propelled options
  • LineDriver attachment available to convert to ride-on system for all day comfort
  • Available in Standard, HP Automatic and HP Reflective Series
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Which Series is Best for My Application?

Graco LineLazer Standard Series Line Stripers

Are you a high-production re-striping contractor completing medium to large re-striping jobs? If so, the Standard Series has got you covered. There are numerous options for those working with one color and requiring a single or dual gun setup. Not re-striping? That's okay! The Standard Series can help you with turf and basic pattern applications too. With all the features you need and nothing extra, you are guaranteed to re-stripe more efficiently than ever!

Key Features

  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System - easy gun adjustments for perfect alignment every time
  • QuikSelect Gun Selector - independently control two guns with one lever for easy solid and skip lines
  • EZ Align Wheel System - keeps tracking straight for pristine lines without the use of special tools
  • DualComfort Handlebar System - easy to adjust handlebar system with reduced vibration to fit all users comfortably
  • LiveLook Display with SmartControl - provides consistent spray pressure and real-time job data for unmatched line quality
Graco LineLazer HP Automatic Series Line Stripers

Do you need a multi-gun, automatic system for medium to large striping applications that require more complex patterns and layout work or multiple colors? The HP Automatic Series of line stripers has advanced features that help you get the job done faster using less labor for quick pre-marking and pattern work. Striping large parking lots, intersections, city streets and bike paths have never been easier!

Key Features

  • All features included on Standard Series line stripers plus...
  • Automatic Paint Gun System - simplify line production with 3-mode push-button controls powered by a solenoid-driven system for accurate lines and less operator fatigue
  • J-Log System with USB Download - improve bids and customer satisfaction with proof-of-job data that tracks mil thickness, linear feet, line width and more
  • Auto-Layout II - cut layout time in half by measuring and pre-marking while you walk, eliminating the need for chalk, tape or string
  • Onboard Battery Power - convenient power source to easily power LED lights, safety beacons or other accessories
Graco LineLazer HP Reflective Series Line Stripers

Do you need a multi-gun, automatic system for high production reflective striping? The HP Reflective Series of line stripers has the features you need for large-scale reflective striping jobs. Demanding applications like airports, large roadways and robust city projects require heavy-duty machines that reliably perform. Count on the HP Reflective Series of line stripers to streamline high-production reflective striping applications and produce precise, pristine lines every time!

Key Features

  • All features included on HP Automatic Series line stripers plus...
  • Pressurized EZ Bead System - large-volume, 120 lb. bead tank that provides proper flow and penetration for superior bead application


Accessories to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Looking to upgrade your line striping equipment and boost overall productivity? Look no further! With so many options available, there is a LineLazer accessory to streamline your specific application. Check out Graco's most popular line striping accessories.


Graco LineDriver Ride On Line Striper Attachment

LineDriver Ride-On Attachment

  • Easily convert your walk-behind system to a ride-on system for all day comfort
  • Options available for both electric and gas/hydraulic LineLazer products
  • Compatible with other Graco pavement maintenance equipment like GrindLazer and ThermoLazer products
Graco LazerGuide 1700 Start/Stop Laser

LazerGuide 1700 Start/Stop Laser

  • Produce higher quality lines with start and stop points exactly where you want them
  • Pair with LazerGuide 2000 or LazerGuide 3000 for best results
  • Included on certain HP Automatic and HP Reflective system packages

LazerGuide 2000 Laser-Guided Layout System

  • One-person, laser-quality line production that lets you point and stripe for improved productivity and hassle-free setup
  • Eliminates the need to kneel and place or move tape measures and string lines, minimizing fatigue and labor hours
  • Included on certain HP Automatic system packages
Graco LazerGuide 3000 Long-Line Laser

LazerGuide 3000 Long-Line Laser

  • Replace your mechanical pointer and improve productivity and accuracy for large-scale striping applications
  • Highly visible, extended reference points of up to 30 feet
  • Included on certain HP Reflective system packages
Graco EZ Bead Dispensing System (white tanks)

EZ Bead Dispensing Systems

  • Gravity-feed and pressurized dispensing systems for applications requiring glass beads
  • Pressurized dispensing tank system included on HP Reflective system packages
Graco Flex Plus Airless Spray Gun

Flex Plus Airless Spray Gun

  • Specifically designed for heavier coatings, these guns feature oversized fluid paths with a no-filter design for maximum flow and superior atomization
  • Patented needle design that requires no adjusting and increases life
  • 2-finger trigger and ergonomic handle for exceptional control and effortless, all-day spraying
  • 5000 psi maximum working pressure
Graco LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip Spray Tip

LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip Spray Tips

  • Specifically designed for use with Graco LineLazer line striping machines
  • Sprays heavy water-based to thin alkyd traffic paints
  • Evenly applies products creating clean, crisp edges and long-lasting lines

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