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Company Overview

In 1888 Dr. Allen DeVilbiss created the first atomizer for medical use using common items. Within a few short years the success of his invention led him to establish his own manufacturing company where his sons eventually continued the legacy of inventive spirit by introducing spray guns. These spray guns featured revolutionary atomization technology that increased productivity and profits by reducing dry times and allowing painters to quickly paint more items. Today, the DeVilbiss brand is globally recognized as a leading spray finishing manufacturer for the automotive and industrial industries.

Committed to providing innovative technology, DeVilbiss is also known for their development of the first "compliant" spray guns that radically reduce overspray and VOCs helping both painters and the environment. As leaders in spray gun and air cap design, you can rely on DeVilbiss products to produce lightweight, ergonomic spray guns and related accessories to help you complete a wide range of finishing jobs. When you choose DeVilbiss, you are guaranteed to increase the quality of your finished product and your bottom line!

Trusted DeVilbiss Supplier

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Spray-Quip is a proud supplier of the DeVilbiss product line which includes low-pressure manual and automatic spray guns, air filter reducing valves and regulators and operator breathing systems as well as these other related accessories, including:

  • AG-360 Automatic Spray Gun Series
  • AGMD PRO Automatic Spray Gun
  • TEKNA ProLite
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Spray booth products for dust free environments
  • DeKups Disposable Paint Cup System


Industries Served

Known for its innovation, quality and consistency in paint atomization companies rely on the excellence of DeVilbiss across the following industries:

  • Marine
  • Water Tower
  • Storage Tank
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Pipeline & Offshore
  • Shipping Container
  • Military Vehicle & Equipment
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Construction
  • Steel Structures - Bridges
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Rail Car Manufacturing Shops
  • Wind Towers
  • Agriculture 
  • Municipal
  • Trucks, Bus, Trailer & RV


Why Spray-Quip?

As a leading supplier of spray equipment for more than 50 years, Spray-Quip is committed to providing only the highest quality equipment to meet your unique, short and long-term needs. Contact us to talk with an experienced technician who will help you to rent or purchase the DeVilbiss equipment required to complete any job.

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