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Fusion ProConnect Spray Foam Gun

The Fusion ProConnect spray foam gun features a new all-in-one disposable cartridge that significantly minimizes downtime while providing the same proven performance as the Fusion Air Purge spray foam gun. The new disposable cartridge design allows users to achieve a perfect, factory-tested rebuild in seconds helping users maximize uptime to get the job done faster. This modification eliminates the need to maintain an extensive spare parts inventory while providing a more user-friendly option for new and experienced applicators alike. With the end-user in mind, Graco has also modified the fluid housing design to allow easy access to the mix chamber for quick cleanup and easier troubleshooting. With fewer moving parts and more user-friendly assembly design, users are guaranteed to spend less time training, servicing, and troubleshooting while in the field. The Fusion ProConnect components can also be installed to existing spray foam equipment as an upgrade, allowing users to save money and tackle projects more efficiently.

  • Looks and sprays just like the Fusion AP gun
  • All-in-one, disposable cartridge design featuring integrated check valves for cross-over containment and durable polycarballoy side seals, eliminating the need to maintain a large spare parts inventory
  • Simple troubleshooting and quick, factory-tested rebuilds every time
  • Compatible with existing Fusion AP accessories
  • Retrofit kits available to easily convert your existing Fusion AP gun to the new Fusion PC setup

Fusion Air Purge vs. Fusion ProConnect Spray Foam Gun

The difference is clear! The Fusion ProConnect features less parts and a simpler design making troubleshooting, rebuilding, and cleaning a breeze. Instead of rebuilding your spray foam gun piece-by-piece, simply replace the old cartridge with a new one and get back to spraying within minutes. Contact us today to see how the Fusion ProConnect spray foam gun can help you maximize your bottom line by minimizing downtime in the field!


Graco Spray Foam Gun Parts

A Perfect Rebuild in Seconds

With the all new disposable cartridge design, you can forget about time-consuming rebuilds and difficult troubleshooting. A single disposable cartridge replaces the entire fluid section so you can change out cartridges and get back to spraying fast. With spare cartridges available in 1-, 3- and 5-pack options you can replace your back up spraying guns with spare replacement cartridges saving you time and money. Don't know when to replace your cartridge? Check out this quick troubleshooting video!

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